As the holiday season is fast approaching, you can rely on UPS to deliver for you. Below is a guide to help you plan your shipments during the holidays. Create a shipment online, or visit for more information about all our available services. To receive an accurate delivery time calculation when planning your shipments please use the cost and time calculator tool.

To see the UPS Holiday Season Guarantee, click here.

Date Drop-off Collection Delivery
UPS Centre Online
Call Centre
Monday 22nd
Tuesday 23rd
Wednesday 24th Closed
at 15:00
at 13:30
at 13:30
at 15:00
Thursday 25th
Friday 26th
Saturday 27th
Monday 29th
Tuesday 30th
Wednesday 31st Closed at 15:00 Closed at 13:30 Closed at 13:30 Closed at 15:00
Thursday 1st
Friday 2nd
Saturday 3rd Only Express

Please note: Normal centre opening hours and collection cut-off times for your area will apply, unless otherwise noted. To find out what they are in your area please call UPS on 0900 2255 877.

Please note dates are subject to changes.

UPS Holiday Season Guarantee

The UPS Money Back Guarantee is in effect in accordance with its normal terms throughout the holiday season subject to the following exceptions:

For UPS Express Plus®, UPS Express® and UPS Express Saver® packages collected throughout Europe on Wednesday December 24, the scheduled delivery date will be:

  • As of Monday 29th December for domestic, EU and worldwide shipments
  • Commitment times for air and international shipments delivered within the United States will be extended by 90 minutes on the following days: Friday November 28, from Thursday, December 18 to Wednesday December 24 and on Wednesday December 31.

    UPS air and international shipments picked up or delivered in the United States are guaranteed throughout the holiday season. The guarantee is suspended for UPS Ground and UPS Standard® packages picked up or scheduled for delivery between December 11 and December 24.